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19 Jun

We’re starting to see some cracks in the Grover Norquist-controlled Republican Party. It started with ethanol subsidies, and now there are rumblings that the majority party in the House will consider – finally – putting revenues on the table in the debt ceiling/budget negotiations.

A victory for the Obama Administration, a victory for the country I cherish so deeply.

All you need do is look at Greece for what not to do during a global financial crisis. I call it austerity stupidity. Anyone who knows anything about business knows you have to look at both sides of the ledger; money in/money out. You can cut the FDA if you don’t care about what you and your loved ones put in their mouth. You can cut FEMA if you don’t care what happens in the wake of the next hurricane. You can cut Medicare if you don’t care what happens to you or your loved ones when they enter their golden years.

Or you can put everything on the table, make logical spending cuts as well as logical revenue increases. By the way, this is what the Republican Party used to stand for. It’s called “fiscal responsibility”.